London Summit 2017

London Falling? Fact vs. Fiction

London Summit 2017

London Falling? Fact vs. Fiction

With the possible post-Brexit change in the UK's access to the single European market, what are the odds that London will lose its crown as the financial capital of Europe? Already, major rivals to the throne - Frankfurt, Paris, Dublin and others - are wooing the post-Brexit planners at major financial institutions, while British regulators, negotiators, and firms are working to keep London's financial flag flying high. This session will explore the impact that Brexit-driven changes in financial market platforms will have on the wider economy, how government and industry can best prepare, and which of Europe's best-performing metro economies are poised to prosper.



Francesco Guerrera, Head of EMEA, Dow Jones Media Group; Publisher, Financial News


Bruce Carnegie-Brown, Chairman, Lloyd's

Kevin Klowden, Executive Director, Center for Regional Economics and California Center, Milken Institute

Howard Shore, Executive Chairman, Shore Capital Group

Hubertus Väth, Managing Director, Frankfurt Main Finance e.V.

Jasmine Whitbread, Chief Executive, London First

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