We go across the aisle and around the world to convene leaders from diverse sectors and industries because we believe the most powerful ideas come to life when nontraditional allies join forces to find common solutions.

April 29 - May 2, 2018

At the Milken Institute’s 21st Global Conference, the strongest minds in business, government, technology, philanthropy, academia, and media will examine these challenges to find actionable, collaborative solutions to some of the most important questions of our time.

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February 7 - 8, 2018

The 2018 MENA Summit is the Institute’s inaugural Middle East gathering, offering participants the opportunity to gain unparalleled insights into the pressing issues affecting the region and the rest of the globe. This invitation-only gathering brings together high-profile executives, influential investors, political leaders, government officials, heads of sovereign wealth funds and philanthropists from around the world. We will host several sessions on a wide range of topics such as healthcare, technology, capital markets, and education.

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December 5, 2017

With America focused inward, Great Britain departing from the EU, which nations will lead worldwide and which will define the “New Europe?”Find out how prominent global thought leaders view Europe’s role in addressing the world’s political, economic and environmental challenges at the Milken Institute’s London Summit. 

November 14, 2017

Since 2009, Partnering for Cures has been the go-to meeting for accelerating patient-centered solutions and creating meaningful collaborations. This year, FasterCures is excited to convene P4C in two biomedical innovation hubs.

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November 8, 2017

Leaders in business, government, academia, and philanthropy come together to assess California's future as a leader in business, culture and social policy, and discuss the state's most pressing issues, along with an examination of key industries, economic trends, and global challenges. The California Summit's goal is to make sure the "Golden State's" economy remains vibrant and continues to be a nexus of business and innovation.

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October 23 - 24, 2017

This summit gathering international leaders of science, health, medicine, business, academia, politics, and philanthropy will address the most pressing challenges in public health and examine potential benefits and opportunities in the field.

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September 14 - 15, 2017

Influential investors, CEOs, senior business executives, and philanthropists from around the world discuss solutions to Asia’s key challenges and provide insights about opportunities arising as the region heads for the future. This year’s summit examines Asia’s past 20 years and the trends that will shape its path to 2037.